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– (+3) years of experience at least in mobile application UI designing.
– Experience in designing dashboard and interactive mobile Apps.
– Up to date with the latest UI trends, techniques and technologies.
– Experience in creating user flows, process flows and site maps.
– Knowledge of the UX process.
– Proficiency in Adobe XD, photoshop, illustrator, or other visual design and wire framing tools.

– Experience building and interacting with RESTful APIs and responsive web interfaces with a mobile – first mentality.

– Implementing user interfaces using next-gen Java script tools (React, Angular).

– Managing source code using git or other similar VCS.

– Experience of how pull requests work in a team environment comfortable on the command line ability to work with both relational and NoSQL databases (MySQL, MongoDB)

– Knowledgeable about composer, npm and package management procedures.

 – Knowledgeable about Docker and Containers technology.

– Comfortable with the concepts and creation of automated tests (TDD, integration testing).

– Knowledge about data science and data analytics is a plus.

– Integrate with third party libraries and create documentation for working projects.

– Proven experience with front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, (ECMA Script) frameworks such as JQuer, Angular JS or any similar MVC, MVVM.

– (+5) years of experience at least in native andriod development.
– Strong knowledge of Java and Kotlin.
– Solid understanding of OOP.
– Experience with SQlite & firebase and room DB.
– Solid understanding of design pattern (MVC, MVP, MVVM).
– Being involved all stages of application development.
– Documenting all codes of the development processes to record and facilitate the work for other mobile developers.
– Keeping up to date with the latest industry trends in mobile technologies to enhance the application functionality.
– working with graphic designer and software developers to realize, build and test the applications and to implement server (APIs) and services to support planned mobile functionality.

– Preparing detailed strategy reports Identifying powerful keywords to drive the most valuable traffic.

– Running PPC campaigns.

– Writing powerful calls-to-action to convert visitors Filling websites and other content with effective keywords.

– Developing link building strategies.

– Keeping updated on both white hat and black hat SEO strategies to avoid stay within search engine guidelines.

– Compiling and presenting SEO guidelines.

– Achieving SEO ranking in mobile web despite having less links.

– Experience in ASO ranking (App Store ranking) in Google Play and Apple Store.

– (+5) years of experience at least in iOS development.
– A deep familiarity with objective-C, Swift, design pattern and best code practices.
– Strong knowledge of RESTful APis.
– Experience working with iOS frameworks such as core data, core animation, core graphics and core text.
– Experience working with remote data via REST and Json.
– Experience with third-party libraries and APis.
– Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends and emerging technologies.

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